Studio Kyte is an independant graphic design studio founded by Kimberley Rutjes (1988). She developed her own signature after finishing her education at ArtEZ Graphic Design in Arnhem. Studio Kyte is inspired by unexpected influences. Subjects like urban legends, historical events and sayings are a big inspiration. Tangible and analogue art is being made from a conceptual point of view. The designs are carefully made and can be altered to fit the wishes of the clients. 

2010 — 2014
Graphic Design (BA) at ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design Arnhem (NL)
2008 — 2009
Graphic Design (MBO) at Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht (NL)
2006 — 2008
Allround DTP (MBO) at ROC Rijnijssel Arnhem (NL)